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When Don’t You Wish You Had…Extra Yarn

July 10, 2012

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, Illustrations by Jon Klassen

You know when a dear friend hands you a treat for no real reason?

They were out about in the world, saw something and thought of you.

It should be no surprise that friend’s of mine would see Extra Yarn and think of me.

Nonetheless, this book, no matter your age will not disappoint.

It would be a welcome treat for any occasion and certainly made this friend feel very special.

My favorite illustration.

Many reviews have been done for Extra Yarn especially in the knitting community.

So, to state it simply, it meets my list of what makes a children’s book great:

  • Characters that are relatable
  • Unique plot with value
  • Special illustrations
  • A timeless quality, 50 years from now this will make sense to great-grandchildren

Extra Yarn exceeds expectations; it receives a strong recommendation to check it out for yourself.

Or perhaps, check it out for a friend.

Take care Pals!

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