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Top-Down Raglan? Check!

August 16, 2010

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

Finally! I finished the top-down raglan yesterday. Last week got so hectic that I didn’t quite get it done and I was so close. As I bound off the second sleeve, my daughter (The Collector or TC) was sitting right next to me. I wove in a few ends as she watched. As soon as I snipped off the final end she promptly snatched the sweater and threw it on. It looks so good on her even if it is a little big.

I told her now that she had it on she had to let me take a few photos. That’s the price you pay.

I can’t begin to describe the squish and warmth of the Grape Jelly Sweater yarn. I made my sweater roomy because I live in a cold climate and I will wear layers underneath. In the fall I will wear this to soccer games as a jacket. Can’t wait to throw it on and run out the door. Although it is so soft I wouldn’t need to wear layers at all.

TC has her own fairy garden in the back corner of our yard. She tends to it daily although some of her plant selection didn’t fare well in the shady spot. Live and learn.

Here’s the scoop. I am running a very casual knitalong so you can all make your own Easy Top-Down Raglan with me. You can join in at any time, no worries. When we finish as a group I will gather all of the information and put it up here on Spud says! as a free pattern so you can start any time even after we are done.

The difference for this knitalong is that we are using a formula or recipe to make our sweater. That means I will be giving you simple, easy to follow guidelines to make a sweater that will fit you! You will have to use your calculator and your tape measure along the way. I promise it is not difficult. One of the greatest benefits to making this type of sweater is that you can try it on as you go. Trying the sweater on tells you how long to make the body and sleeves, where to stop on your armhole increases and when to join the body, how long to make the neck scoop, etc.

I will be writing out exactly how I made my version of the sweater with all specifics on how I made it to fit me. If you are about my size you can make the same sweater I made but I want you to make a sweater that is perfect for your body.

I kept it simple and straightforward. I believe you can’t get any simpler than a stockinette stitch body and arms with a garter stitch edging on a top-down raglan.

Lookin’ good!

The Easy Top-Down Raglan Knitalong will officially start next week, Monday, August 23rd. This week I want you to gather your materials and to make a swatch to check your gauge. The wound skein above is the Grape Jelly that is the left over 6th skein that I just broke into. I didn’t use much of it.

Here is the yarn requirement for Spud & Chloë Sweater in skeins and bust measurement in inches.

Bust measurement in inches – number of skeins of S&C Sweater:
32 inches – 5 skeins
34 inches – 5 skeins
36 inches – 6 skeins (This is the sample size that fits me perfectly!)
38 inches – 6 skeins
40 inches – 6 skeins
42 inches – 6 skeins
44 inches – 7 skeins
46 inches – 8 skeins
48 inches – 8 skeins
50 inches – 8 skeins
52 inches – 8 skeins
54 inches – 9 skeins

There you have it! I worked up my sweater in US size 7 needles using 24-inch circulars and a set of 4 double-pointed needles. The gauge is at 5 stitches per inch. Please make a swatch to make sure you are getting the correct gauge.

Other things you’ll need:

Tape measure

Yarn needle


That should do it! I’ll be back soon to announce who our special guest sweater expert is. I am so excited she is joining us for this project. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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