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To Have and to Hold

July 12, 2009

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

I grew up with a mom who sewed like crazy so I spent a lot of time in fabric stores scouring over patterns. I always loved those pattern envelopes and the feeling of pulling out a new pattern. That’s why I was especially excited to see the Spud & Chloë patterns. It brought me right back to the good old days.

One of the best features of the new Spud & Chloë brand is the format of the new pattern line. I want to share the unique and fresh format of the fantastic premiere patterns. If you haven’t seen them in person I don’t think you can gather the true feeling of holding one of these patterns in your hands. If you are a tactile person, as most knitters are, you will appreciate the glossy envelope in contrast to the soft natural butcher paper the patterns are printed on. The typeface is clear and the large schematics couldn’t be better. The patterns are innovative and that makes it fun.

For more information on the patterns look here.

Please join me at my kitchen table as I open and unfold one of the new Spud & Chloë patterns.

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