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TNNA 2012

June 28, 2012

Metalico color cards make a great wall.

Well, the Blue Sky Alpacas Team is back from Columbus, Ohio and another wonderful TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association) Show.

Putting a booth together is quite a bit of work, two of our wall panels were created using Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico shade cards! The resulting chevrons and shimmering yarn were really eye catching.

Our acidic pear walls were pretty eye catching too. The wall color matches the Metalico tag color, a sweet detail I think.

This side of the booth featured Blue Sky Alpacas

One side of the booth was dedicated to all things Blue Sky (the other side featured Spud & Chloë, our sister brand).

All the new yarns, Metalico and the Royal Petites were featured as well as the new patterns, with samples.

Our Blue Sky Stockists were excited, and so were we.

Be sure to note the Belarus Cardigan on Mildred the Mannequin in the photo.

There has already been some discussion on the Belarus Cardigan in the Friends of Blue Sky Alpacas Ravelry Group.

A more detailed photo of the Blue Sky side.

Both the Metalico and the Royal Petites were big hits!

The Metalico is featured on the left side of the table. It’s easy to see the acidic pear boxes that hold the color cards.

The right side of the table has the Royal Petites and the Petite Pattern Collection. It was energizing to see our Local Yarn Shops become excited.

The Blue Sky Alpacas Team has been so jazzed for so long; sharing all our new things made me happy!

Be sure to take a peek at the Imperial Wrap hung in our booth in Pewter and Vermilion.

Christine and Mindy of a Yarn Less Raveled with Katie (middle)

Blue Sky Alpacas is a great place to work. Everyday I chat with designers, tech editors, and sample knitters.

However, as someone who used to work at a LYS, it was great getting to meet our Blue Sky Alpacas Yarn Shop Peeps!

This is Christine and Mindy of A Yarn Less Raveled in California. They are a new Blue Sky Stockist and my first BSA customers, ever!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet in person the designers, shop owners and people we work with everyday in person.

TNNA was a success for Blue Sky, I loved every minute, and I hope you all had the best time too!

Start stalking your LYS Blue Sky Friends, all the great, new stuff is on the way.

Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting…


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