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Tiny Elf December Knitalong Part Two

December 2, 2009

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

The photography is a little shady this morning at about 4am. There isn’t really good anything at 4am, especially lighting. Please forgive and maybe even forget:) I’ll be back with better photos soon.

I may as well kill some time with you today. I am sitting in O’Hare airport again, waiting for my flight to Little Rock. I’ll tell you what, it’s downright chilly in here. My fingers are freezing. Earlier this morning my fingers were toasty warm as I added the elf ears, elf arms and elf hands to my Tiny Elf. I even wrote down what I did just for you. You can see my suitcase is packed and ready to go right behind the elf.

The Ravelry link for the Tiny Elf Knitalong is here.

Without further delay, here is the next part of the pattern for you:


On one side of the head pick up 3 stitches with Ice Cream and one double-pointed needle. Use 2 double-pointed needles to work back and forth.

Row 1: purl

Row 2: knit

Row 3: purl 3 stitches together (1 st remain)

Cut the yarn and pull the end through the remaining stitch. Pull the ear upward so the ear points up.

Repeat on the other side of the head and line up with the first ear. Weave in all ends to the inside and trim to stay inside.

The photo above is showing picking up the ear stitches on the side of the head. Be sure to leave a long enough tail to place on a yarn needle and then pull to the inside.

Arms and Hands:


On one side of the body (use the photo as a guide) pick up 3 stitches with Ice Cream and one double-pointed needle. Use 2 double-pointed needles to work in I-cord. Work in I-cord until the arm measures 2 inches from the pick up row.

The photo above is showing how I attach a new color. I simply tie a half-knot around the current color. I tighten the knot up and slip it all the way up to the needle. Then I start knitting with the new color. Here is the rest of the pattern for the hands.


Switch to Grass.

Next row: kfb in each stitch (6 sts)

Place 2 stitches on each of 3 double-pointed needles and begin working in the round.

Rnds 1-4: knit

Stuff the hand with a tiny amount of fiberfill.

Rnd 5: k2tog on each needle (3 sts remain)

Cut the yarn and place the end on a yarn needle. Pull through the remaining stitches and pull up tight to close the hole. Pull all of the ends to the inside and trim to stay inside.

Repeat the Arm and Hand on the other side of the body lining up the arm position with the first arm.

Okay, I’ll be back with some elf legs and elf shoes later. I packed the Tiny Elf in my suitcase to work on later tonight. All that’s left after that will be a little elf scarf and an excellent elf face! Then we are done. Quick as an elf can wink (is that fast?).

Take care, Knitters.

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