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Three More Colors

January 12, 2012

Hello Blue Sky Friends!

I hope you are doing well. Have you had the opportunity to check out Blue Sky’s Spring 2012 Catalog? The Blue Sky Staff is really excited and proud of this collection.  I brought a copy to holiday events this past month to share with my family and friends. Everyone, even non-knitters were pretty blown away. Something I noticed as other people examined the catalog was that at times, people didn’t realize that new colors were included in the catalog. We have three new colors in Alpaca Silk. Alpaca Silk is a favorite of mine, you may recall from my excitement over the Siivet Pullover.


This yarn drapes like a dream. It also has a sophisticated sheen from the silk content making it extremely versatile. This yarn is for all seasons and for all occasions. The new colors we have in the Alpaca Silk this season include Sand Dune (151), Cypress (152), and Dove (153). For a light, khaki brown, Sand Dune is for you. This is a lovely neutral, like an antique cameo necklace. It will pair wonderfully with almost every other color of Alpaca Silk. One thing I personally love about this brown is that it goes well, even with other neutrals. This brown is light enough to go with black, gray or browns. Next up in the line up is Cypress. Words that come to mind: lush, jungle, vegetation, rich. I have a hard time imagining some one not looking absolutely fabulous in a color with this depth. This canopy of color will look great for all seasons. Dove is the last new color we released this Spring. This is a light platinum gray with a subtle blue quality. An icy gray, reflective of winter. I love the idea of using this color in place of white to add more dimension to a piece. This color collection had added some really lovely qualities to our already vast Alpaca Silk palette.

Now, if you are as in love with these Alpaca Silk colorways as I am, you’ll really be delighted by another Vladimira Cmorej design. (She also designed the Siivet Pullover). The next design in the catalog is Vladimira’s Shell. This sweater is so simple, with the perfect detail. A solitary motif adorning the neckline takes this from “just a pullover I bought at the store” to something with truly hand made appeal. Vladimira is incredibly talented. Her work is meticulous, and I can picture this perfect shell worn just about everywhere. Paired with a dress blazer (perfect motif placement), is one of my favorite ways-to-wear. Perfection…in a sweater. Look for more of Vladimira’s designs in the future, she’s a knitting genius.

Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting…

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