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Three Color Pom-Pom Tutorial

June 30, 2016

This year we are seriously into pom-poms…and how could we not be? They are fun to make and even more fun for embellishing knit projects. We have two complementary patterns with this unique three color pom-pom: Big Pom Hat and Two Pom Hat.

While deep in the pattern making process, we found this cool technique to create a three color pom-pom, with circular color changes. Watch the video below to see us making these pom-poms in action. We provided the colors and yarns that we used, but hope to see some cool variations from you, so please share your creations with us!

Tools for Pom-Poms:

- Cardboard

- Scissors

- Tapestry Needle

- Heavy Duty Binder Clips

- Yarn

Yarn for Big Pom Hat:

- Bulky (50% Alpaca / 50% Wool): Approx. 4yds (shown in No. 1226: Marine)

Bulky (50% Alpaca / 50% Wool): Approx. 8yds (shown in No. 1224: Sunglo)

Bulky (50% Alpaca / 50% Wool): Approx. 10yds (shown in No. 1004: Polar Bear)

Yarn for the Two Pom Hat:

- Suri Merino (60% Baby Suri Alpaca / 40% Fine Merino): Approx. 4yds (shown in No. 411: Cloud)

- Bulky (50% Alpaca / 50% Wool): Approx. 2yds (shown in No. 1217: Curry)

- Bulky (50% Alpaca / 50% Wool): Approx. 4yds (shown in No. 1004: Polar Bear)


Pom-Pom Instructions:

Step 1: Cut out 4 "C" shaped pieces of cardboard:
- 2 pieces cut to size 8" wide by 4" tall
- 2 pieces cut to size 8" wide by 5.5" tall

Step 2: Place smaller piece of cardboard on top of the larger piece and hold in place.

Step 3: Wrap layers of yarn until cardboard pieces are full. (The first layer will be the center of the pom-pom.)

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 with remaining two pieces of cardboard.

Step 5: Use clips to connect the tail ends of the two 5.5" tall cardboard pieces together, to create a full circle shape.

Step 6: Thread tapestry needle with yarn and draw through the entire circle, going under the yarn (in between the two pieces of cardboard).

Step 7: Tie tight and leave some extra yarn (approximately 12") to connect with hat.

Step 8: Cut the wrapped yarn around the perimeter of the circle.

Step 9: Remove pom-pom from cardboard.

Step 10: Trim and fluff extra yarn with hands to make the pom-pom more shapely.


For More Instruction Watch Our Video Tutorial

Big Pom Hat Yarns

No. 1004: Polar Bear
No. 1224: Sunglo
No. 1226: Marine

Two Pom Hat Yarns

No. 1217: Curry
No. 411: Cloud
No. 1004: Polar Bear

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