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They Grow Up So Fast (Ollie Series #2)

December 20, 2012

When last we left Ollie, he was just three days old and was having some difficulty in gaining enough weight. 🙁 This meant there was a question about whether Ollie would be healthy enough for me to buy him and raise him as my very own with Linda’s existing alpacas.

Let’s check in on my little boy now. How is he doing? *drum roll*

Ollie Running with Temperance, a Cria Pal

Ollie (in front), at two months, speeding around the field with Temperance, a cria pal.

Hmm… he seems to be doing just fine! 😀 Here is a summary of the first months of his life so far.

One Week

At one week, Ollie’s weight began to become more consistent and the original fears about his health dissipated.

Ollie At One Week

Ollie at one week.

Ollie Watches His Mom Eat

Ollie standing by while his mom, Duchess, eats with the other dams.

One Month

When Ollie was one month old, I attended a class at Foggy Bottom Alpacas which was geared toward assisting and informing both new and potential alpaca owners. It was run by Sara Bender of Foggy Bottom Alpacas and a special guest from Virginia, Nancy Ogan of Double “O” Good Alpacas. We had classes on how to set up pens, create a business plan, and manage your farm, as well as hands-on learning with regard to witnessing a breeding, trimming toe nails (alpacas have toes, not hooves!), administering medications, and catching and haltering alpacas.

In between training, I got lots of pictures of Ollie!

Ollie At One Month

Ollie at one month.


Ollie Follows His Mom

You see this often at the alpaca farm: a cria following its dam. Through imitating his mom, Ollie learns about the world.

Ollie From Above

You can see how he is filling out and becoming fuzzier!

Two Months

Ollie is becoming more independent and really starting to mature. Just look at that handsome face!

Ollie At Two Months

Ollie at two months.

He is growing so quickly! *sniff* He is already spending less time with his mother and more time with the other crias, running around the field, kicking at the air, grazing on his own, and prancing just out of reach of Sara and her parents.

Ollie Spots Me

Ollie (middle) and the other alpacas spot me as I approach them. (I love all of their shadows on the field!)

Good Side

“Is this my good side?”

Ollie Grazing

In the peaceful chill of the morning air, Ollie (forefront) grazes with the other alpacas.

What’s next for Ollie? Look for a three-month update and… as the New Year turns over, I become his official owner!

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