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The Tinsmith’s Wife

October 2, 2009


Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

I am so excited to bring to you our first featured shop! Without further ado the following is a note from the Tinsmith’s Wife yarn shop in Comfort, Texas, from owner Wendy Solberg:

The Tinsmith’s Wife loves Spud & Chloe.  Simple, huh?!  Well, we do.  Several of us have made frogs, cupcakes, and watermelon hats to get us started on the love of this new yarn.  Now we are into making more projects with this glorious yarn.  A featured project in the shop for September/October is the Mac & Me Outer Blanket (featured in the photo above).  This is a cozy and wonderfully fast knit (on 15’s) that is not only great looking but functional (aka washable).   Our teddy bear (and our shop cats) have taken a shine to this blanket!
Other projects on needles or just coming off?  Well – we have had Karen make a Lovey Dovey jumper for her granddaughter – and she creatively changed the hearts to an outline of a kitty, as Emma does love kitties.   The Flap Happy Hat has also been a draw; how can you not be drawn to those colors?!  What is next?!  Striped Socks with Fine….  Braided with Outer…  AND we are pretty excited about a Wallaby out of Sweater!
Happy Knitting!


Thanks for the wonderful update, Wendy. The Tinsmith’s Wife is coming up on its one year anniversary in October. Congratulations. The shop sounds like a fantastic family affair with Wendy’s mom working as a buyer and shop manager. Wendy’s dad is also involved as he is an expert knitter. He is the go-to guy when a knitting question, pattern question or a knitting fix is needed. He has been helping to fix Wendy’s and her mom’s knitting for 40 years. I love that.


Click onto  The Tinsmith’s Wife to get more information. I love their Spud & Chloë yarn rack sitting in the front of the shop.

Again, thanks for sharing and for the support!

Any other shops out there wanting to be a featured shop on Spud says…?  Come on, send some pics to me. I would love to share all of the Spud & Chloë goodness going on out there.

Have a great weekend, Knitters!

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