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Woolstok: Get to Know the Wool You Love

January 15, 2020

The Wonder Yarn has Expanded

In the Highlands of Peru, our premium pure wool yarn is created from the fleece of a crossbreed of Corriedale sheep and local Peruvian Highland sheep and is processed in a state-of-the-art mill. Due to this crossbreed, weather conditions, living at high altitudes and diet, the sheep develop a crimpy and durable wool, which we all love and know as our wonder yarn, Woolstok.

We hope you continue to love this fiber as we expand the palette with six new, nature-inspired shades in both warm and cool tones, bringing the total count to 27 colors. Along with the color release, we are excited to offer three new patterns for purchase - knit in these new colors, and available for download to add to your Woolstok pattern collection.

Which color will you start with...pick up your needles, download a pattern and begin your next Woolstok project.

introducing the new woolstok colors


No. 1321: Loon Lake


No. 1324: Morning Frost


No. 1322: Northern Lights


No. 1325: Lilac Bloom


No. 1323: Ember Glow


No. 1326: Mossy Green

Fun Facts about Woolstok (worsted)

How is the breeding of sheep in Peru different than other countries?

The breeding in Peru is small in scale compared to Argentina and Australia. A typical breeder in Peru will only own between 30 to 50 sheep.

When is the shearing season for Woolstok?

The shearing season starts during Peru’s spring, which is the end of October - beginning of November, and will last until February, which is almost the end of the summer.

How are the fibers sorted for Woolstok?

The fibers are sorted by hand based on length, fineness and color, by women who are specialized in the process and have learned the technique mostly from their mothers.

How is the color of Woolstok created?

Woolstok is heathered, meaning that the yarn color is achieved by adding two or three bases of shades that are dyed and mixed in machines. Once the colors are mixed, the fiber is combed multiple times to create an even heather and unique color combinations.

Now Knit with the Wool You Love

No. 1 - Claremont Cabled Hat

This hat is a beautiful blend of cables and stockinette with just the right amount of slouch. Knit with two hanks of Woolstok, this warm and stylish hat is a great weekend project. Purchase the pattern


Claremont Cabled Hat.

No. 2 - Springfield Chevron Hat

Knit with two hanks of Woolstok, this warm and stylish chevron hat looks great on both men and women. Pick your two favorite colors and cast on. Purchase the pattern


Springfield Chevron Hat.

No. 3 - Ramsey Ribbed Scarf

This warm scarf is a great next step beginner project. A simple 10 row repeat of rib and garter provides beautiful texture in any Woolstok color you choose. Purchase the pattern


Ramsey Ribbed Scarf.

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