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Summer Knits and Purls

July 25, 2016


Even the most avid knitters can wane on knit production during the warm months. It totally makes sense. Most pieces are designed for cold weather, but we don't think that summer should have to miss out on all of the fun. It's for that reason that we adore our Organic Cotton WorstedOrganic Cotton Skinny, and Spud & Chloë Fine. We also made sure to develop patterns that will make excellent summer knits in this year's collection.

Our favorite summer yarns: 


-Organic Cotton Worsted

A soft worsted weight yarn that is environmentally friendly and naturally soft. [Learn about why Organic Cotton matters here].

-Organic Cotton Skinny

The ideal summer yarn, Skinny has a smooth, sleek twist with plenty of color options. [Learn about why Organic Cotton matters here].

-Spud & Chloë Fine

Excellent for detailed work and knits for the little ones, this yarn is more than just fine, it's just right. 


Our favorite summer knitting patterns 


-Ashby Tee 

Also known as the summertime sweater, this Organic Skinny Cotton piece is a versatile ware for any body. 

-Dawson Shell

A sophisticated shape and light knit, the Dawson Shell has a gorgeous back detail that can be worn alone or with a jacket.

-Royalton Bolero

This elegant shawl is super breathable for summer with its easy yarn over pattern that creates a unique and textural fabric.

-Afton Shrug

Great for all seasons, this shrug is constructed out of a simple rectangle and a great layering piece.

-Twinkle Toes Tutu

When it's hot, you can always rely on kid knits to be small enough to stay off your lap, plus Fine doesn't get sticky to your hands. 

BG_07-11-16_Royalton Bolero

(Top L) Royalton Bolero (Top R) Dawson Shell (Bottom L) Afton Shrug (Bottom R) Ashby Tee

So pull out those needles and get on the dock! Who says you can't get a tan while knitting? Enjoy the great outdoors with our natural yarn and stay cool in the process. Have a great summer!


Organic Cotton Worsted
Organic Cotton Skinny
Spud & Chloë Fine

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