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Step Three

April 26, 2012

Hi Pals. We would just like apologize to for the glitch the Spud & Chloë Blog experienced the last few posts. Certainly, we had no intention of emailing the same posts repeatedly. We are really sorry if you felt these emails were a nuisance and please know we are doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thank you.

Now onto the fun of the Trifecta Knitalong!

This section of Trifecta is nice and easy. Long, beautiful rows of lace knitting.

One special note, start with Row 2!

Work Row 2 to Row 20, and then Row 1 to Row 9. The results are lovely.

Lace Section One for the Trifecta Scarf.

This is such a cool looking lace stitch. I am just in love with the results.

However, these are long rows and to make an error could be really discouraging, if it wasn’t for lifelines.

Another great video from our friends at Webs. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=u60sc8oL0Zc)

This trick will prevent any major frogging from happening. I would advise to do a lifeline in this pattern every 6 rows or so, depending on how confident you feel with knitting lace.

Also, I like to add lifelines after working the wrong side row in a pattern like this. Most wrong side rows in the pattern are purl the whole way across. It’s nice and easy to pick up a whole row of purls versus knits, yarnovers, and decreases.

How are you all doing? What do you think of this lace section? Were the lifelines helpful?

Thanks for knitting along with me Pals! I’m having so much fun!

Take care!

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