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Step Five

May 7, 2012

The start of the middle section, worked in Shitake.

So, how did it go? Does your second Picot Pattern mirror the first?

It is such a special little detail, it really elevates the scarf both in terms of appearance and technique.

I can already tell this is going to be my go-to summer garment. Any time a location is overly air-conditioned, when the occasion calls for being a bit more dressed up, and for sure whenever a scarf will pull together an outfit with a chic pop of color.

These three colors are going to look great with pretty much my whole wardrobe.

Step Six is coming soon, but I think it might be the step that takes the longest. Simply because the rows are long and the lace repeat is fairly long as well.

It is straightforward lace though, something you can absolutely execute. However, with double yarn overs and knit three stitches together be sure to use your lifelines.

Consider Lace Pattern A a warmup for Lace Pattern B. Lifelines are your friend.

How’s it going for you Pals? If you have in progress pictures, we’d love to see them over in the Ravelry group.

Take care Pals.

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