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Spotlight on Stitch Samplers

February 17, 2015

How do you know that you have the right yarn for the project you want to make? Swatching is a great way to test out a new-to-you technique or stitch pattern before tackling that larger project. Of course, it’s hard to know how a yarn will knit up before you make your purchase – and we doubt many knitters buy yarn just to knit a swatch! That’s where our website’s handy yarn swatch feature can save the day: we’ve already done the swatching for you!

By clicking the “stitch sampler” graphic underneath each yarn’s color palette, you’ll get to see a knitted swatch featuring stockinette, lace, cables, or other textured stitches using our yarns. In this example, our Bulky yarn is shown in trellis stitch, seed stitch and stockinette stitch on the recommended needle size, US 15 (10mm).

To give you an idea of how you can use this function to compare and contrast between yarns, here is the stitch sampler for one of our lighter-weight yarns, Metalico, which is a single-ply sport weight yarn. Shown here, it is knit in three different stitch patterns – a wide rib, a yarnover cable, and a delicate lace – at the recommended gauge on US #3 (3.25mm) needles:

Of course, you may choose to use a larger needle size to create an airy knit, or a smaller needle size to produce a close-knit fabric for added warmth; by being able to see how the yarn behaves when knit in the recommended conditions, this gives you a jumping-off point to start planning your next project, long before you head to the yarn store!

Click here to explore our world of yarn & view more stitch samplers at www.blueskyalpacas.com.

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