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May 23, 2013

Photo © Madison Square Park Conservancy

Artist Orly Genger has a new installation at Madison Square Park in New York entitled Red, Yellow, and Blue. With 1.4 million feet of painted rope, Genger will transform the park into three primary-colored chambers.

Photo © Madison Square Park Conservancy

This installation is massive (as evidenced by the people in this photo, for scale)! The 1.4 million feet of rope doesn’t even touch on the 3,000 gallons of paint or that the installation weighs 300,000 pounds. Besides the monumental scale, my favorite part… all the rope is repurposed from up and down the Eastern seaboard!

Photo © Madison Square Park Conservancy

The three chambers will redefine the park, begging visitors to explore and interact with the monolithic structure and large-scale texture. See Madison Square Park anew! The installation is running until September 8th; for more information, visit the Madison Square Park website.

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