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Why Organic Cotton Yarn Matters

July 11, 2016


Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton yarn has three lines [Organic Cotton Worsted, Organic Cotton Worsted Multi, and Organic Cotton Skinny] with 67 color options, so you could say that we’re pretty serious about this fiber. Naturally soft, versatile, and ideal for warm weather projects we thought it was the perfect time of year to tell you just why our organic cotton matters so much to us.

We all know what organic food means, but why does it matter for something that we wear? Well, pesticides affect the entire ecosystem while they are being grown. The pesticides from cotton crops are ingested by local wildlife and get introduced to groundwater, which spreads harm far beyond the boundaries of the field. Cotton accounts for 50% of the world’s fiber needs and is the most pesticide-intensive crop on the planet . So while we don’t eat the cotton, the negative effects of pesticide use are substantial in textiles.

At Blue Sky Fibers, we have consciously crafted fibers. We know where all of our fiber comes from and who makes our yarn. We appreciate the experience of understanding the process behind knitting and other fiber arts, and think that the love of process should extend all the way to the source of the fiber. Beyond being a good karma choice, our cotton is fabulous to work with, particularly in the summer.

A few of our favorite cotton projects? We released seven new designs in this year’s collection, so it’s kind of hard to pick. Right now we are doing a knit-a-long with our Caledonia Cowl pattern, which is a great chance to play with our many color options. We’re thinking the Dawson Shell once we’re done with the Cowl, what projects will you do this summer?

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