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Mystery, Intrigue, Classic Beauty

January 25, 2013

Daisy, Frances, and Zelda

Blue Sky Alpacas announces our new Metalico wrap collection for Spring 2013. Meet Daisy, Frances, and Zelda, our roaring 1920’s-inspired gals. These special pattern designs include crochet, double knitting, intarsia, and bias knitting. Grab Daisy for a night on-the-town, dress to impress with Frances for a business meeting, or toss Zelda around your neck with denim for the girl-on-the-go. Classic vintage elements, redefined by Blue Sky Alpacas in the shimmering Metalico palette.

Metalico collection, illustrated pattern covers.

The Zelda Wrap, a piece that embodies both fine taste and warmth, then combines them with a soupçon of mystery.

The Daisy Wrap, is a most fashionable crocheted wrap of etched waves and flowers—a charming piece to wear to any soirée.

The Frances Wrap, dramatic angles and splendid intarsia inspire this provocative art deco wrap.

Here is a pattern preview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPxlbPBseFE)

With the Royal Petite collection causing such a sensation, we hope you’ll adore the Metalico wrap collection, which also features exceptional packaging and collectible patterns available only at Blue Sky Alpacas Stockists. To find a Stockist in your area click here.

On their way to something fabulous.

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