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Knitting All Around Blue Sky

May 23, 2016

Our friend Wendy Bernard has released yet another wonderful book, the Knitting All Around Stitch Dictionary. Paging through, you’ll find a spectrum of plush knit swatches, all created with Blue Sky Fibers yarn. As Wendy says, “Stitch dictionaries are like cookbooks—you can’t have just one!”


“Stitch dictionaries are like cookbooks—you can’t have just one!”


How did she get to write her fifth knitting book? She started creating patterns because she was frustrated with knitting books that didn’t offer ways to convert stitches to the round or top-down. It was a tricky task to convert these patterns, and as she was already doing the work on her own, she decided to put it to use and publish them on her blog, Knit & Tonic. A year after posting her work, a literary agent called to write a book and the rest is history!

Blue Sky Fibers has been Wendy’s “go-to” yarn for years, and she’s been knitting with us since she first started designing. When asked what her favorite yarn is, it was a tough choice: she loves Royal, as well as Alpaca Silk, and Worsted Cotton, but likes Extra for quick knits. At the end of the day, our color palette is what continues to draw her back to our yarn. She admires our wide range of colors and enjoys experimenting with them in mosaics.

We adore her book and the opportunity for you to see the variety of styles in our yarn. Knitting All Around Stitch Dictionary is available here, pick one up to see our yarns at play!

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Alpaca Silk
(Sport Weight)
Organic Cotton (Worsted)

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