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How to Knit a Sweater Your Kid Will Actually Wear (and Like!)

September 27, 2013

Best Friend Sweater in Spud & Chloë Sweater.

Kids are funny. Sometimes they will wear anything and then occasionally they just get into one of those “I-will-only-wear-my-Buzz-Lightyear-outfit” kind of moods and it’s almost impossible to convince them to wear anything else (for weeks). So how do you make a sweater that they will not only wear but it will end up being one of their favorites?

Playground Hoodie in Spud & Chloë Outer

1. Let them help

One way to get kids interested in the sweater you’re making for them is to actually let them help you. Show them pictures of kids sweaters online and have them point out which ones they like, I particularly like Gap Kids and Pinterest for this. Take them to the yarn store with you and have them help you choose a color. If you don’t want to open up the gates too wide you can just have them choose between a couple colors you think they’ll like. If they have a hand in the process chances are good that they’ll love the sweater when you’re finished.

Fairy Tale Hoodie in Spud & Chloë Outer.

2. Pick a color they’ll love

Knitting a rainbow colored sweater is probably not the way to go. What I mean is that a bunch of bright “kid” colors together don’t necessarily mean that it will be something your child will be excited about. If you are going to add bright colors it is a good idea to balance it out with neutral colors. Instead of using lime green and bright orange to make stripes try using lime green with gray, or orange with something a little more muted. A great way to choose colors is by looking at the clothes your kids wear most often. Choose a color or colors that will pair well with what they already have. Better yet, make a sweater using their favorite color, it is sure to be a win!

Lucky Number Pullover in Spud & Chloë Sweater.

3. Choose a modern fit

Sweater styles and the way they fit have changed over the years. The classics are always a good option as far as style but try to choose a pattern that is current so that the sweater looks fresh and has a modern fit. For example, if you knit a raglan sweater from a pattern made in the 80’s it would probably have a much wider, boxier look. Knitting the same style of sweater from a current pattern would very likely be longer and closer fitting. After you have finished knitting your sweater take the time to attend to all of the finishing details. This makes a huge difference in the final look of the garment.

BeTween Cardigan in Spud & Chloë Sweater.

4. Knit for the seasons

Don’t forget to think about when your child will actually need to wear the sweater you are making. If you knit a long sleeve sweater and it fits in June, by the time they’ll want to wear it in the fall it may be too small (this is particularly true for babies). If you need to, make a size larger so that it will fit longer.

Half-Pint Dress in Spud & Chloë Sweater.

5. Choose a fiber that is easy to care for

Finally, because your kid will love your sweater and be wearing it all the time, choose a fiber that is easy to wash. Check out Spud & Chloe’s Sweater line of yarn, it is super easy to care for and comes in a ton of great colors for kids!

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