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Happy New Color!

January 10, 2012

That’s right Spud & Chloë pals. There is a Color of the Year 2012: Tangerine Tango. I think that just sounds like fun!

Tangerine Tango

The Color of the Year (and this Tangerine Tango image) are brought to you by Pantone. Pantone is an amazing color company, so to speak. Sort of in a nutshell, Pantone has created the Pantone Matching System. This phenomenal tool allows precision color matching of a specific color no matter the equipment used, the country of origin and production, or language spoken.


Did you know that Spud already has some pretty rockin’ oranges? In Sweater there is Firecracker 7509. This orange is the color of my dear cousin Chloë’s hair. Very saturated and rusty. Cider 7515 is an extremely wearable orange. It looks great with both Firecracker and Pollen 7508. When you are looking for a playful and zingy orange Pollen is the one for you. Be sure to peek at Lovey Dovey. I love little girls in nontraditional, sweet, bright colors.


Then there is the autumnal Cedar 7209 in Outer. This color is very rich, and not such an overwhelming orange; lots of our pals like this color. Now, I am going to include another color from the Outer collection that some of you may want to debate me on…Sunkissed 7206. I am including this shade of pink because it looks lovely when placed with oranges, like it has a coral influence. The next time you see Sunkissed in person be sure to compare it with oranges, I bet this color will surprise you. I wonder if people will make the Double Garter Cowl in 2012’s Color of the Year?


Last, but not least is our outrageous oranges in Fine. Fine is my favorite and these oranges are the best. Clementine 7802 is a solid medium orange; wearable and fun. For an orange with punch Goldfish 7817 cannot be beat. It is a light, bright color! The last color I would like to talk about is Orangutan 7819; if you are hesitant to wear orange you could start here and not feel overwhelmed by such a powerful color. I’m actually quite fond of Goldfish and Orangutan together. Wouldn’t that be a buoyant striping combo? Don’t forget our brand new Easy Tee from the Spring 2012 Collection in Fine.

So, back to the geniuses at Pantone. They also promote a color the year. The idea is that this color will fit the spirit of the year. I love what Pantone’s website tells us about Tangerine Tango “…a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.” So, what do you think of Tangerine Tango? Would you like or wear a Tangerine Tango? What color would you have picked for 2012?

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