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The Sources of Our Fiber

December 22, 2016

Here at Blue Sky, we are extremely passionate about natural fibers. Our yarn comes from happy animals and organic plants rather than synthetic materials. When using consciously crafted fibers it's good for both you and the environment. So in honor of our commitment to the highest quality fibers, here's the background on the adorable animals and pretty plants behind our yarn.


Huacaya Alpaca: Pronounced Wuh-Kai-Ya. Blue Sky Fibers started twenty years ago with a herd of these alpacas. If you didn't love them already for looking like giant teddy bears, their fiber is warmer than wool, incredibly soft, and hypo-allergenic.

our yarn with huacaya alpaca:


Alpaca Silk

Baby Alpaca



Hand Dyes





Suri Alpaca: Unlike the Huacaya, the Suri Alpaca has long shiny locks that give it's yarn a strong silk appearance, known for knitting fabric with little memory and a lot of drape. They are not as common as the Hauacaya so their fiber is more rare, but they maintain the softness and warmth that makes this animal a fiber favorite.

our yarn with suri alpaca:

Brushed Suri

Suri Merino


Wool: Some people think wool is itchy, but what they don't know is that only some wool is itchy. Sheep produce a great variety of wool from breed to breed, even from herd to herd. At Blue Sky we choose sheep that produce the highest quality fiber for our yarn with the lowest itch-factor.

Silk: This popular fiber comes from a cocoon, yes, a cocoon. Although that may seem a bit gross, it is one of the most luxurious fibers to work with, it's super strong and, you guessed it - silky smooth.

our yarn with silk:

Alpaca Silk





Cotton: This fluffy fiber grows in a puff around the seeds of a shrub plant. We love cotton for it's softness and breathability. All of our cotton is GOTS certified, learn about why organic cotton matters in this article.

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