• Blue Sky Fibers Yarns
    A selection of all natural fibers, unique blends and textures including luxurious baby alpaca, premium wools, silk, cashmere, and organic cotton.
  • Spud & Chloë Yarns
    Fall in love with our family-friendly machine washable wools, silk and organic cotton fibers that come in an array of playful colors.


Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Our Patterns

Where can I buy your patterns?

You can buy a printable PDF through our website pattern page or on our Ravelry account. You may also find an assortment of printed patterns at local yarn stores near you. Contact the store directly to see what they have available.

After I purchase a pattern, where do I find it?

When purchasing your first pattern from our Blue Sky Fibers site, you will need to create an account. Once you purchase a pattern it will always be accessible through the “my account” link, which is located on the upper right menu bar of our website.

Why do your patterns cost up to $9?

We follow an extensive proofing process to ensure that we only release high-quality patterns for you. Learn more about how we publish our knit patterns with this blog post.

What if I don't know what an abbreviation in your pattern means?

All abbreviations that we use for a pattern will be included in the pattern layout. You may also find a list of every abbreviation that we use here.

I'm new to knitting, where should I start?

We love new knitters! We release many patterns that are either beginner or advanced beginner to support the beginning of your knitting journey. We have also listed out some helpful resources in this Beginner’s Guide to Knitting.

Do you provide support for substituting yarn or altering patterns?

While there is an occasional need to alter a pattern based on a body type, we do not offer advice for altering patterns or substituting yarns. This is because we work with independent designers and want to make sure that we respect the design integrity of their original vision for the piece.

I ran out of a color in your 21 Color Slouch kit, what do I do?

We created this pattern with the intention of having little-to-no leftover yarn, so you may run out of a color before a round is complete. If this happens, move on to the next round of the pattern with the next color.


How can I buy your yarn?

To find our yarn you may check out our retailer list on our website. Find a Blue Sky Fibers stockist here.

Our Yarns

How do you create your Superwash wool?

The superwash wool used in Spud & Chloë yarns is created with a polymer method. Polymer coats the natural fibers to prevent the cuticles from coming into contact with eachother.

How should I care for your yarn?

For Blue Sky Fibers we recommend hand washing in tepid water using a mild soap. Do not agitate or twist. Shape and dry flat on a towel. Spud and Chloë is machine washable. For best results wash gentle in cool water with mild soap. Tumble dry low until damp. Block to shape.

What weights of yarn do you have?

We have 20 different fiber lines to choose from, in a full range of weights. For reference, visit our yarn weight guide.

Environmental Ethics

How are your animals treated?

We work with alpaca and sheep herders in South America. The animals are raised and cared for as they have been for centuries. At shearing time the alpacas are herded and sheared, and then returned to graze again. The fiber is processed at central mills. There is no factory farming or cruelty involved.

Is your cotton organic?

We’re proud to say that all of our cotton is GOTS certified organic. This makes a great deal of difference to the environment,. Learn more about why organic cotton matters so much in this blog post.

What type of chemicals are used when dying your yarn?

Our yarn is dyed in large batches using low-impact dyes. These dyes are not organic but are formulated to have a lower impact on the environment than traditional chemical dyes.