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Camp Hoodie Knitalong Begins Today!

January 19, 2011

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

Today is the big kick-off! Start your engines. Start your swatch hats or your swatch. I am so excited to get going on our Camp Hoodie adventure.

Remember that if you want to add a zipper to your hoodie Merri has graciously provided a very helpful worksheet to use as a guide along with your pattern.

Click here for the zipped front Camp Hoodie pdf instructions from Merri!

I’ve started an official Camp Hoodie Knitalong thread on the Ravelry group, Friends of Spud & Chloë. Click here to go to the thread. If you are participating please be sure to jump in over there and let us know but also let us know on here. We would love to get an approximate count of how many we have joining us.

I do have one favor, if you have a question please leave a comment here on Spud says! or on the Camp Hoodie Knitalong thread on Ravelry instead of private messaging me or emailing me. This way everyone can benefit from your question, other people can join in and help provide answers and support and then I won’t have to individually answer questions that are sometimes repeats. Thank you!

Here is the original sketch for the Camp Hoodie before it came to be. I love seeing the designer’s sketches so I thought you might, too.

I have had a few questions about sizes. There are a couple things to consider. First, this is a layering piece. You will be wearing clothes under your hoodie and that needs to be taken into consideration. Second, you need to think about how you like to wear your knitted garments. Do you like a fitted look or a look with more looseness or ease? This is important.

The sample I am wearing here is a size small. I have a 36  inch bust. I could totally have worn this size if I wanted a fitted garment. I probably would have made it longer if I was going to keep this one. I happen to prefer a looser fit on my knitted garments.

For my recent version I made the size medium and took out the waist shaping for a looser, more comfortable fit. You can see on this original sample how the waist shaping makes for a more form fitting look.

You can see that I have about an inch of positive ease on the size medium and I love that. It is the perfect length and it is a very comfortable fit around the waist without the waist shaping. You really have to decide what works best for you when selecting you size. You can always make the vest longer or shorter in length. That’s never a problem.

One other thing I may have changed when making the hoodie without the hood. I think I would continue to decrease on the armhole side of the vest for another 4 or 5 stitches on each side. This would have brought the armhole side in a bit more and made the shoulder width about an inch smaller on each side. When you have the hood attached the wider shoulder is fine because the edging folds out and rests on your shoulder more. The width provides necessary support. For the vest I ended up feeling like it was a little too wide at the shoulder on me. That is my personal opinion for my own fit. For you it may be just fine for width at the shoulder. You decide.

Again, the fun thing is to make this your own!! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. I am still working on my sleeves and will have more information coming soon on that.

Knit away!

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