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Auntie Anna

July 5, 2012

Spud & Chloë Upcycled Project Bags

Have you seen Spud & Chloë’s Upcycled Project Bags at your LYS?

These one-of-a-kind bags are made by Chloë’s spiffy Aunt Anna.

Each bag is unique and perfectly suited to toting around your favorite projects.

The quaint linens are sourced from Aunt Anna’s very own collection of vintage fabric. She sews them up, adds a drawstring, and violà!

Tote your project about in your very own Upcycled Project Bag

Let’s get to know Aunt Anna:

Cousin Katie: What is a creative goal you have for this year?

Aunt Anna: I love sharing information and ideas with my customers and blog readers. When people see that I am willing to give these [tutorials and ideas] away, just for the sake of making their lives more full and creative, it instills a trust between us, which is not easy since we are separated by the whole internet. One goal I have for this year is to increase the number of tutorials and free patterns on my blog. I’d like to do one to two per month.

Cousin Katie: Do you have a collection?

Aunt Anna: I have two different collections that I sell through Etsy. The first is a collection of handmade gift items made from cotton, linen, wool, or vintage materials. I don’t like too much repetition to cloud my creativity, so each of the items is different from the others, either in color, shape, or materials. I almost never make the same thing twice.

My other shop is full of vintage fabric. I started picking up vintage bed sheets any time I saw them, because their patterns and colors are unique to the era, and very fun to work with. Pretty soon I had way more than I could ever use, so I became the first on Etsy to sell the sheets in manageable pieces as fabric.

Cousin Katie: What is your most prized possession?

Aunt Anna: My husband makes me things – for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Once he made me a carved, wooden ‘A’ with a secret compartment for hiding a ring or something else tiny. That is probably my most prized possession. He says he isn’t creative, but that is just not true.

Upcycled Tag, made in America by our very own Aunt Anna

Cousin Katie: What is your favorite color?

Aunt Anna: My favorite color is orange. Or grey. Or turquoise. Anything but purple.

Cousin Katie: What is your favorite store and why?

Aunt Anna: I am smitten with Anthropology. I can’t go in without buying something small to take home and hoard, but even if I don’t, I love to just walk around and be inspired. It does have it’s limits, though. I noticed that if I stay in Anthro too long, I start to feel bad about my life, and wish we had more money to spend on pretty things. So I try to get out of there before it gets ugly. The limit is forty-five minutes. I timed it.

Cousin Katie: What tool in your arsenal do you use the most?

Aunt Anna: My most-used tool is my self-healing cutting board. I got a big pretty one a couple years ago, and I almost never put it away. Besides cutting on it, I use it under my sewing machine to keep it from slipping, I measure everything with it, it’s a backdrop for tutorial photos, and if I need to hide a mess in a hurry, I load it up with supplies and carry the whole thing to the garage.

The one, the only, Aunt Anna!

Thanks Aunt Anna for a fun interview and insight into where this original collaboration started. (And for the great advice…must get my hands on a self-healing mat. I’ll just carry all the knitting projects off to the closet!).

Check out the Upcycled Project Bags at your favorite yarn shop and grab the one you love, while you can!

Take care Pals!

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