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All Shiny and New!

November 22, 2009

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

What a treat I have for you today! I know it has been a long time coming but the new Spud & Chloë colors are here for preview. The new colorways will be available for order in January 2010. Shops will be receiving this sweet canvas pencil bag to add to their Color Kit. I love the vintage feel of the zippered pouch but what’s inside is even better.

Three new short pencils each wrapped with the new colors of Sweater, Outer and Fine are inside the pouch. I love the stubby pencils as they remind me of my kids. They are always using a short stubby pencil to do their homework and I am always telling them to get a new pencil. Why do kids do that? It’s a universal thing. In this case, the stubby pencils are perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Let me start off with the new Sweater colorways. Left is Turtle #7514, a fresh new green to fall in love with. There is never enough green in the world. Right is Jellybean #7513, a warm loving pink to spark your imagination. My favorite jellybean is always the pink one and now I can knit it, too.

Simply looking at those two new colors together is inspiring. I am feeling some stripes coming on.

Onward to the new Outer colors. Starting at the left is Cedar #7209, a light pumpkin dish, warm as pumpkin pie. Moving along to the right is Cornsilk #7208, another warm yellow that doesn’t fail. Spud & Chloë continues to have the best yellows around. Cornsilk is a buttery ball of love. Bayou #7207 is a blue with depth and sweetness. Finally, Sunkissed #7206 is a peachy pink that is as fresh as a baby’s rosy cheek. There isn’t a sweeter shade of pink anywhere.

These colors go together like birds of a feather! Right? It makes me want to dive right in.

Now on to some new popping, happy colors in Fine. These colors are so fun and happy, they just sing a song! Starting at the left is another fantastic green, Lizard #7812. Next, the bright, luscious Lipstick #7810 is calling my name. Another option in pink is always welcome in my book. Snorkel #7809 is a gorgeous navy blue that is as deep as deep blue sea. Last but not least is Bumble Bee #7811 and this yellow is over-the-top bright and happy.

Once again, the colors and color names are the best ever! The names alone inspire me to think of a million more projects to cast on right away. Before I even saw the new colors I made the Blue Sky people tell me the color names so I could start wrapping my brain around what was coming. The staff at the Spud & Chloë headquarters sit around and dream up the funny, sweet names for the colors and I wish I could be in on that meeting!

The new colors are already up in the yarn section of our site if you’d like a close up viewing. Click on Yarns to take a closer look.

Let’s dream together about what’s to come on our needles with these fresh, rich, saturated, happy new colors!

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