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A Very Special Giveaway

July 12, 2013

Last week, we saw Ollie get sheared! Let’s talk now about what I’ll do with his very precious first fiber gift to me.

The possibilities are nearly endless, but since this is his very first shearing, and thusly the most lovely (alpacas have only one baby shearing in their entire lives and it’s the best fiber they will ever produce!), I have some very special plans for it.

The very first thing I did was send a bit of seconds and thirds to my favorite needlefelter on Etsy, Bella McBride of McBride House, who used pictures as a guide for making a one-of-a-kind needlefelted sculpture of Ollie from his own fleece! *brain explodes* So cool!

Felted Ollie

Felted Ollie statue made from Ollie’s very own fiber! Cool!

Felted Ollie

“Is this my good side?”

With the rest of his fiber, I hope to learn to card and spin so that I can process it myself into yarn, and then make something from it.

Being a city girl, the full-circle experience of owning an animal, caring for it, garnering a tangible product from it, and turning that product into an item that I processed and made entirely myself is new to me. New and wonderful! 😀 And I want to share that joy with you all.

So, to close the Ollie Series, I have a surprise for all of you loyal fans of Ollie as a thank-you for being so faithful over these many months while his story was told. To one lucky person, I am giving away four ounces of fiber from Ollie’s precious first shearing!

Ollie Fiber

This is the very pile of fiber that the winner will receive!

That’s right! Four ounces of the very fiber you saw being sheared in last week’s post, the very best fiber Ollie will ever have in his lifetime, is what will arrive at your doorstep! WOW! It will be raw straight from Ollie as if you had been there with me during his shearing and I simply gifted it to you as it was removed (no dirt removal, carding, or spinning having been done), so that you can have endless possibilities with some of Ollie’s fiber, too!

To enter, just leave a comment here to tell me about your favorite moment in the Ollie Series and what you would do with Ollie’s fiber, and we’ll announce the winner next week!

Yummy Fiber

Lovely Ollie fiber!

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