Spud & Chloë

UpCycled Project Bags

One-of-a-kind project bags hand made by Spud & Chloë’s spiffy (and thrifty) Aunt Anna. The quaint linens are sourced from her very own collection of vintage fabric. Aunt Anna sews them up, adds a drawstring, and voilà, the perfectly suited bag for toting all your favorite projects. Each bag is completely unique, so why not dedicate a different project to each one. Just grab and go!

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American Scenic, From Farm to Yarn

Fiber Designer and Founder of Long Island Yarn & Farm Tabbethia Haubold leaves an impression on you, just like her yarn does.

June 08, 2017
Travel to Peru with Blue Sky Fibers

Feel the textures. See the process. Take in the colors. Try the crafts. Meet the animals. Enjoy the spa. Appreciate the Peruvian culture.

June 06, 2017